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Looking to create a customized, visually-impactful, modern, unique & elegant presence for your space?  MosaïGlass offers artistic, European glass tiles that opens up a world of beautiful sophistication.  Extremely versatile, usable in diverse spaces from luxurious looking homes to stunning business interiors.  Manufactured with German glass and Italian paint, including Hygienic Certificate and Declaration of performance. Featuring a spectrum of 600 colors from tiny tiles to large panels & strips, MosaïGlass can customize unique patterns, images & designs to suite your corporate brand, stylish theme, or simply to create the impact you desire.

But there is more!  In addition to the stunning designs possible, MosaïGlass is the only company that can use your digital media to laser print on mosaic glass tiles using various finishing techniques.  From incredible artwork, murals & unique furniture pieces to corporate logos, our ingenious design team can create the visual delight to truly impress!


it all starts here

Actual Image transformed into glass mosaic tiles by digital laser printing

The Art Image

Customized sample image
Final effect
The Art image
Image is transformed into pixal Art using Collection Glossy Glass tiles
Final effect
The Art Image
The image
transformed into mosaic glass
Final effect

The Art Image by GolieFinal effect
Chevy Chase Design Centre window display showcasing MosaiGlass
Hotel Mazowsze
Ustroń, Poland

Wall Feature Sequence Drawing

Each picture comes with numbered pieces and a layout

Combination of glass mosaic and glass panels

Health Canada 
Sr. Frederick Banting Research Centre Ottawa, ON

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